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Staddle Stones

Staddle Stones

Staddle stones, or sometimes called mushroom stones, were originally used to support agricultural buildings such as for storing grain. The building would stand on the top of quite a few staddle stones allowing air flow and avoiding rodents getting to the produce. The word staddle is said to have it's origins with the Old English word stathol, meaning a foundation.

The staddle stones were made from local stone so today we have staddle stones made from york stone, cotswold limestone, west country granite and the variety of colours of herefordshire stone. They are often designed with four sides or rounded and the tops can be rounded or flat.

Today reclaimed staddle stones make popular garden ornaments. We often have a variety of antique staddle stones available that we have sourced. Below are the staddle stones that we have in stock at the moment. We often have staddle stones that we are sourcing but not yet on our website so if you can't see what you would like please get in contact.

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