Charming Plaster Maquette 'John and a Lion called Christian'

Charming Plaster Maquette 'John and a Lion called Christian' (Stk No.4038)

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Charming Plaster Maquette 'John and a Lion called Christian' (Stk No.4038)

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I am entralled by the story of this lion called Christian.  This small plaster maquette is in the form of a man embracing a lion and was owned by the late John Rendall.  It is an absolutely charming study with a lovely story behind it.  It is inscribed on the base "Two Beautiful Beings, Happy John & a Lion Called Christian"  From the collection of John Rendall 1945-2022 who was the former owner of Christian the lion.  This incredible story hit the headlines back in 1969 with images of two men (John Rendall and Anthony Bourke being greeted by a fully grown male lion in the African bush.  The two Australian men had been London flatmates when they bought a lion cub from Harrods.  Raised in a flat in Chelsea, on a diet of steak, the lion was later flown to Kenya to begin a transition into the wild at the Kora National Park.  It is a happy story with Christian the lion successfully going on to lead a pride of lionesses and a dynasty of cubs.  A famous and star studded story with obvious love for this animal depicted in this simple but charming maquette.

Size: 23cm x 17cm x 13cm
Type: Bygones
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